Top 5 Software’s & Applications For Computer Science Students

Computer science as a subject and a field of study have a promising and bright future to offer to their current and prospective students. It is one of the most popular courses that a majority of students opt for when it comes to their bachelor’s and master’s studies.

College admissions in the field of computer science have seen exponential growth over the years. Today, students studying computer science are exposed to the growth that is taking place in the fields of artificial intelligence, security, human-computer interaction, and much more interesting phenomena.

In today’s day and age sharing data has become an important part of most of the functions that we carry out on a day-to-day basis which include sending messages, watching videos, forwarding memes and jokes, buying groceries, and many other things and most of these tasks are carried out using over favorite smartphones without which apparently we won’t be able to function to our fullest potential for even a day.

These smartphones and the applications that run on them make all our tasks much easier than they would have been otherwise. There are many applications and software that can make the file of a student much easier and their studies a lot more fun if they are used properly and carefully but at the same time you need the best laptops for computer science students so that you can run all these below mentioned software smoothly without any hassle.

Using the applications that would be mentioned later on in this article students can get connected with other students and professionals willing to help and provide guidance in their field from across the globe. All they need is to figure out which of the applications mentioned below actually suit their requirement and situation.

There are millions of apps on the internet that promise to make your life especially the life of students much easier. Finding an app that actually fulfills this promise and actually works for you is the real task. But we promise this article will make it much easier for you.

5 Software & Applications Computer Science Students

1. Quora

The word “Quora” is made from two terms which are ‘Qu’ which means question and ‘ora’ which means answer. This makes Quora a platform where questions are answered. These questions can range from daily life problems that each of us faces to the recent developments in the field of computer science.

It is a platform where you can ask questions regarding any topic and you will find answers to them. These answers are given by netizens like us. The website is owned by Quora.Inc which is headquartered in the state of California, U.S.A. Quora was founded in the year 2009 in the month of June and was made available to the public in the year 2010. Computer science students can download the Quora app on their respective smartphones.

The mobile application allows you to personalize your feed according to the topics that are relevant to you. You can also answer the questions posted on Quora by simply clicking on the ‘Answer” option that is visible at the bottom of the posted question. Apart from this feature, you can also share a question that interests you through social media. This is a great application for students who want to build a network of like-minded students and share knowledge among themselves. This application can open up a gateway to many interesting avenues.

2. Evernote

Considered to be one of the best note-making applications Evernote is popular among various students belonging to diverse fields of study. This application has all the tools and features that are needed for note-making, archiving, task management and content organisation etcetera. Like Quora, Evernote is headquartered in the state of California, USA.

The application was developed in the year 2010 by Evernote corporation. All the required features of the application are absolutely free to use for any user. You just simply have to download the app from an app store to get access to its features. But if you want to get your hands on the additional features provided by the application you will have to purchase its premium version.

You can sync all your notes across devices, across the globe with the help of Evernote. In order to share documents with your colleagues you can just simply scan them in your mobile phone and share them through the application. As computer science students have to handle, manage and organise a huge volume of notes Evernote is the best note-making application on the internet.

3. Linkedin

If building a network with professionals and like-minded people jtops your list of priorities then LinkedIn is the place to be. LinkedIn helps you to stay updated with the ongoings of your respective industry, to find the latest and the most relevant career opportunities.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform which was founded in the year 2002 in the month of December. This platform is primarily used by professionals to share their insights and by job seekers who are looking for opportunities to grow in their career. It is a great platform for professional contact and networking building.

The interface of the app is extremely user friendly, it enables you to filter the job vacancies according to your preference and relevance of your skill set. As said earlier LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform where you can also share posts and do many other things that various other social media platforms allow you to do.

4. F.lux

One of the most common issues that all the computer science students face is their extensive screen time which is not really helping in improving their eyesight. But they really have a way out of it as all of their work happens on the computer screen. Computer science students have to start working very early on in the day and sometimes vene late into the night which is not really a healthy thing to do.

In such a scenario F.lux can be of some help as it adjusts the coloring of your screen according to the position of the sun around you which reduces the strain on your eyes to some extent. So as it gets darker outside your room the screen will adjust the lighting accordingly with the help of this software.

5. TED

Like all of us computer science students, too have to face certain questions which just seem impossible to solve. They also feel unmotivated in life and need a little push to move forward. In such situations every student irrespective of their field of study can turn to TED. Where speakers belonging to different walks of life, coming from diverse backgrounds and professions share their insights in the format of a video, this is a great way to gain knowledge.

TED is a professional platform where people share their first hand professional and personal experiences and share what they learned from them. You never know you might just find the one TED talk that will change your life forever on this platform.

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