How To Install Bathroom Accessories

How To Install Bathroom Accessories [Complete Process]

Ever thought of saving few bucks by installing different kinds of bathroom accessories on your own ? Well, most of us have. But all of a sudden a bunch of questions too pops into the mind. What if I end up damaging the wall or the tiles ? What if some accessory breaks or gets scratched ? and so on.

Today, we are writing this article with a view to guide the users on how to install various bathroom accessories by following some simple and easy steps.

Shower Head

1. First install the supply elbow. We are going to use a little bit of pipe table for it. Do around 6-7 wraps wherever you are having threaded connections. After this just hand tighten the supply elbow over it.
2. Next you have to install the arm depending upon how tall the ceilings and the people of your house are. Make two holes with the help of drilling machine and then using the screws just fit the arm.
3. Next install the hose which comes with a couple of rubber gaskets and it goes on the angled shower inside. Careful wrench tight it by finger tightening. You can use the rag too for a better finish. The motive is to make it tight but shouldn’t be too tight that it distorts the connection.
4. Last step is to install the trim over the valve. Put a bead of silicon on the backside of the gasket and install the backing plate with two long screws.
5. Next install the stem adaptor on the end of the valve and slide on the face plate and then fit the handle onto the threads and hand tighten it so that it securely holds the faceplate to the wall.

Towel Warming Drawer

1. Find a suitable spot on the wall depending upon how high or low you want the installation. With the help of a pencil, draw four circles on the wall depending upon the length and breadth of your towel warmer and make sure that it’s levelled.
2. Now, do the drilling on those circles which you have made and start mounting your mounting brackets on the wall with the help of screws.
3. Now take the four legs out of your parts kit and the tube which is to cover the electrical wire. Attach the legs at the back of a towel warmer on the four given points and also guard the wires into the tube.
4. Now attach the towel warmer on the mounting brackets which you have made earlier on the wall and make sure it’s in line. In the end, secure it with set screws.

TV In Bathroom

1. First create a recess in a wall and make sure it’s of correct size. Then you have to install your cables and bring them through the recess.

2. After that, install the mountain plate into the recess and use four screws to secure it.
3. Connect the cables to the TV and apply an unbroken bead of silicon all around the inside of the TV and it should be minimum 5 millimetres thick.
4 . Finally place the TV carefully into the mounting wall.

Bathroom Speakers

1. Mark the spot on the ceiling where you want to make the hole for installing speakers. Then cut the drywall around it in the shape of a circle. Use a sharp saw do this process easily. The hole should be of accurate size, that is not too big but also not too small.
2. Tilt out the little hooks of the speaker for hanging off the drywall. Now install the speaker wire at the two ports given. Then lift the speaker and place into the hole that you made on the drywall.
3. Lastly Screw the four hooks tight with the help of the screwdriver and stick the speaker’s cover.

Advanced Bathtub

1. First measure the length and breadth of your alcove. Make sure your drain tub is at the identical face where the drain opening of the alcove is.
2. Cautiously set the bathtub onto the skids and slide it into the region of the alcove. Check if the tub is in stage and then take a pencil to mark reference strains on the studs. After that, take out the tab and keep it aside.
3. Next step is to put in the stringer. As you have marked the reference strains on the studs, you have to permit for the height of it when you install the stringer and additionally the distance measured below the reference strains should also be the same. Use deck screws to connect to the studs on the new reference marks.
4. Now flip your tub and function the drain shoe on the alternative facet of the tub and screw the drain flange. Place the rubber gasket on the overflow elbow with a view to connect the overflow valve and position it behind the tub and attach the cover plate. Connect the overflow pipe and the drain pipe and finally install the drain strainer on the flange. Now carefully move the tub back into the region.


We hope this article gave you a clear vision on how to install various bathroom accessories following the step-by-step guide.
Though the procedure is quite simple, still if you are not able to install it, we recommend taking help of an electrician or a professional. Make sure that you are dealing with the electricity and the drilling machine cautiously and keeping it out of reach of children.

The procedure given will work for the majority of the people, still sometimes it might require few modifications depending upon the brand and size of the accessories.

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