How To Improve Gaming Performance Of Laptop

How To Improve Gaming Performance Of Laptop

Due to the portability that a laptop offers, a number of people are switching from PC to laptops for gaming. That said, it also a know fact that you would not be able to get the same gaming performance out of a laptop as you will get from a similarly priced PC.

If you are handy with a screwdriver, you can easily swap out old GPU or RAM with a new one and easily update your system; this is another advantage that a PC provides you over a laptop.

But gaming laptops are not as disappointing as it sounds, and with just a few tweaks, you will be able to squeeze some more performance out of them, and we have tried to list some of them below.

Clean your Gaming Laptop- Keep it Dust-Free

Keeping your laptop clean is a necessary exercise. Here, by cleaning, we are not just suggesting to keep the laptop’s surface clean. You should also clean your laptop from the inside. This advice is not only applicable to those who are trying to boost the performance of their laptop but to the regular laptop users as well.

If it is something that you don’t already do, you will be surprised to encounter the amount of dust you can come across inside the laptop. When the dust settles on your system’s hardware, it can restrict the airflow, which can lead to the system heating up more often than usual. This is something that you would want to avoid, as it can cause the GPU and CPU to not work as effectively as they could.

Now, opening the laptop is something that most people want to avoid because it can violate the warranty’s terms and conditions. But in that case, you can always take the help of someone who has done it before.

Keep Your Gaming Laptop Updated- Both Windows and GPU

It does not matter which operating system you are using; the user should always keep the drivers up to date. You will not have to go the extra mile to do this because the regular operating system updates cover it all.

Updating graphics card is just as important. For that, set your GPU Management Software to do the updates automatically.

Manage Automatic Downloads and Updates

Apart from reminding you several times to install the update, which is annoying in itself, your laptop can start downloading the system update in the background, the results of which can show on your game.

To avoid that, download and install the update as soon as you are prompted to do it, so it probably won’t jump on you in the middle of a game.

The user can come across the same problem in Steam too. It can easily be avoided here by making some tweaks. You will have to go to Steam’s settings and open the Download tab there, and there you will find an Allow Downloads During Gameplay Option; clear the check box near it. After that press, OK. This will help you get past the problem of background downloading in Steam.

Switch from HDD to SDD

The fact that SDDs provide better performance over mechanical hard drives is very well known.

While storing your data on the HDD is the right choice, for running your games and OS, SDD is the way to go. If you plan to invest in SDD, then at least consider buying a 240GB variant because any option lower would be small.

Manage Tabs- Close Unnessary Background Applications

Managing the background apps and halting unnecessary windows services are other things you can do to enhance your laptop’s performance.

This is an effortless task; if you are a Windows 10 user, then you will find all the running apps in the System Tray. Before you start playing, all you have to is close to all the apps except those you will require while playing.

Activate Game Mode on Windows 10

If you use Windows 10, then activating the Game Mode is something you can do for even better performance.

Windows 10 gaming mode

There is this in-built X-box app feature available in windows 10. It can be accessed just by pressing Win+G. On that command, a tab will appear on the screen, on the right end of which you will be able to find the Game Mode. As soon as you select it, your system will automatically start running on the settings optimal for gaming.

Optimize the Graphics Card of your Gaming Laptop

This is usually downplayed, but managing your Graphics Card settings can result in much better gaming performance. Performance over looks is the key. Try avoiding high-resolution settings because it takes up more RAM and can affect the frame-rate.

Overclock the GPU

There are plenty of tools you can find online that can help you with overclocking.

But it is not something that is usually advised because overclocking can significantly reduce your laptop’s life. It also heats the system and uses excessive amounts of electricity. If this is something that you have not done before, it can be a risky thing to do.

But, once done correctly, you will see a significant difference in performance; it will help you get much more out of your hardware.

Other than the tips mentioned above, there are some other things that you can do for improved performance.

If you play your games online, do not forget to check your internet connection settings. You can also get a virus and malware in your system if you often play online games, so always have anti-virus software in your system and perform regular swipes.

At last, do plug-in to a power source when you play instead of depending on your laptops’s battery because prior delivers better results.


With these tweaks, one can quickly get much better performance from their laptop. But these are only applicable if your hardware is up to date. Making these changes will hardly be fruitful if you use an outdated system or the one that is not designed for gaming.

That said, do take the help of more experienced hands if you open a laptop or overclocking your system if it  is something that you have not done before.

The more you know, it is better in this case.

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