Best High Tech Gadgets For Your Bathroom

5 Best High Tech Gadgets For Your Bathroom

Over the years, we had seen great evolutions in technology. From modern kitchens to underwater hotels, smartphones, fitness trackers, wireless earphones, remote control fans and what not. The list of the innovations is a long one and never ending.

Today, in 2020, due to the adverse effects of coronavirus, all of us are at home a little more than ever before. Why not use this opportunity to upgrade our homes ? Well, most of us must have given a thought on it beforehand.

But when it comes to upgrading our homes the most common things that come to our mind are using high-tech kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher to conserve water, refresh our rooms with paint, switching to wooden flooring to give an elegant look or buying more comfortable and royal furniture.

But has anyone ever given a thought on upgrading their bathrooms ? Yes, you heard it right. Over the course of our lifetime, we are most likely to spend what amounts to years in our washroom.

In today’s era, everyday we are spending lots of money to acquire comforts in our day to day lives, it may prove to be a great idea to splurge some money on few high-tech bathroom gadgets to make your life more convenient and hustle free as well as enhance your everyday bathroom experience.

In this article we have talked about 5 high-tech bathroom gadgets to give you a relaxing and luxurious everyday bathroom experience.

1. Shower Heads

A shower head is a widely used bathroom gadget. It is a fixture from which the water comes out when the shower is turned on. It eradicates the work of filling up buckets and mugs from the tap or the sink and has proved as an effective way of cleaning oneself while bathing.

It cleans effectively without leaving behind any residue of soap or shampoo. In today’s time, it has become a must have thing in our bathrooms. There are primarily 8 kinds of shower heads available in the market.

These are specifically designed that can be easily hold in our hand so that we can take shower more conveniently.

  • Detachable, Adjustable Shower Heads

Some showers are hand-held which can be used to shower in different ways while in others you can change or adjust the water pressure accordingly.

  • Water Saving Shower Heads

By using water-saving shower heads you can efficiently use as well as save water but the water pressure should be high.

  • Rain Shower

You usually find these in spas but it can be used to create luxurious experience in your home too.

  • High Pressure Shower Heads

This is a great option for fitness enthusiasts as the water pressure is much higher.

  • Double Shower Heads

For those who are short on time, this shower can wash your body and rinse your hair at the same time.

2. Towel Warming Drawer

Towel warmer drawers are bathroom fixtures that are used to warm the bath liners or towels. The design of towel warming drawers varies from simple, plug and use metal towel bars to ornate and even custom made as per personal preference and convenience. Other than these benefits, they can also be used to warm up baby blankets or quilts and to dry delicates such as lingerie.

We often think that towel warming drawers are a luxury item and we can enjoy the comfort of it only at spas and five-star hotels. However, with today’s varied selection of towel warming drawers, homemakers with different budgets can add this warm and cozy finish to their bathrooms.

There are primarily two types of towel warming drawers available :

  • Hydronic Towel Warmer

They utilize hot water plumbing and produce heat by running that hot water through your towel warmer.

  • Electric Towel Warmer

They have a pretty low energy consumption rate and are available either as a hardware or a plug- in.

3. Shower Speaker

After a tiring day, most of the people love to have a long hot water bath along with favourite music of their choice to relieve all their stress. It can be the pop diva playlist, the 90s soulful music, maybe the slow jams or the jazz. What really hampers and tests one’s patience is balancing your smartphone on the edge of the tub or top of the door so you are able to hear your favourite music. The thing that hinders is that it can fall anytime or get water damaged and you definitely don’t want to pay your hard earned money to repair that.

Well, instead you can pay a little money for a shower speaker so that you can keep it in the bathroom during your shower. One should always go for waterproof speakers as they are water resistant and produce loud and clear sound so that you can enjoy your streaming without any hindrance.

4. Bathroom TV

There are so many gadgets specifically designed to make lives easier. To live an extraordinary life, we need to do extraordinary things that are not so common. One of those things could be having a bathroom TV. Talking about luxury bathrooms, nothing looks more extravagance than having a bathroom TV. Now it’s no longer only a celebrity thing but soon to become a household necessity too.

After your kitchen, your bathroom is a space where you tend to spend a lot of alone time daily. Having a bathroom TV would convert that alone time from being boring to being full of entertainment. You will never feel alone and always have a company. This small investment might be the only difference you need to convert your house into a home. It can fulfill your kids urge to get entertained during bath time or your wish to catch up on your favourite soap while enjoying a long hot water bath.

But remember, whenever you decide to buy a bathroom TV, then you have to carefully do the positioning as well. Your TV is meant to enhance the luxury, experience and comfort of your bathroom and not detract from these things.

5. Advanced Bathtub

When thinking about transforming your traditional bathroom into a modern one, a bathtub is a must have. Nothing feels better than a relaxing soak in the bathtub after a long and a tiring day. It’s a place where you can enjoy reading a good book while soaking and have some peace. It also provides asthetic benefits and can totally transform your bathroom as well as increase your property value.

Apart from these things, it carries numerous health benefits like improving heart rate, aid breathing, boost your mood, ease muscle pain, manage body weight and reduce cold symptoms.

All these things makes having a bathtub an ideal option for all the households. Depending upon the size of your bathroom, you can choose from the different size options available in the market.


With so many different and luxurious options available in the market, it’s now time to switch to a modern bathroom from your old and conventional one.

Take out some time to think about your needs and preferences as well as the amount of money that you are ready to spend for the upgradation and use this article so that it can guide you while taking your decisions.

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